Monday, December 7, 2009

Decorating the Arts Center's Tree...

During the first week in December, BCAC held ornament-making sessions throughout the week. Once the ornaments were made, they were used to decorate the Arts Center's tree.
Ornament Hour was for children of all ages.

BCAC, Boys & Girls Club Visit Coker College

BCAC organized a trip for the Boys & Girls Club of Hartsville to visit the Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery on the campus of Coker College. In the gallery at the time of the visit was the work of Wendy DesChene.

Click here for an article about DesChene's exhibit.

After viewing the exhibit, the group contributed
to the artist's work by making their own stuffed animals.

BCAC would like to thank Coker Student Jordan Heydt for leading classes with the Boys & Girls Club. In addition to hosting the group at Coker, Jordan also taught a weekly art class during the month of November.

Thornwell School for the Arts Visits BCAC

BCAC would like to thank volunteers Jordan Heydt
and Rachel Croyle for helping with the field trip.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Long Lash Cabaret 2009

Ilona Smithkin: Star of the Long Lash Cabaret

Greg Vaught & June Avant

Ed Krajack & Sid Zemp with Ilona

Ilona at the easel

Ilona with Jim Money

Mr. Magic Fingers: Al Haynes

A Cabaret Essential: Greg Best as Serena Ray

Mrs. Culpepper & Mrs. Beasley


Que Sera Sera

The Smith Sisters

Serena Ray

Your Hartsville Idol: Demitrious McDonald

Ilona Royce Smithkin

Serena & Her Assistant
These images were captured by BCAC's potter-turned-photographer Barbara Watson.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Johnson Family Art Show - September 2009

The Johnson Family Art Show will remain at the Black Creek Arts Center through the end of September. The show, containing work by Dale, Mary Ellen, and Seth Johnson, is made up of 107 works.

Though primarily paintings, the show contains three prostallations by Seth Johnson. Prostallations, according to Seth, are projected installation pieces.

All three of the Johnsons reside in Hartsville, where Seth is in his second year at Coker College. Dale's mother, Christine, is the owner of The Art Shoppe on Carolina Avenue. More work by the family can be seen there.

Below are a few snapshots of the show:

The Black Creek Arts Center is located at 116 W. College Avenue in Hartsville, SC. For more information about this show or the Arts Center, contact Bruce Douglas at 843.332.6234.