Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saluting the Winners of the 2011 Darlington County Arts Awards

Jessie Avant Smith
(Godshalk Arts in Business Award)
Smith (left) is shown here with presenter Patz Fowle.

Judy Haenni (Joan S. Coker Award)

Al Haynes (Performing Artist of the Year)

Mary Ellen Johnson (Visual Artist of the Year)

Clayton Richardson
(McCall-Wiggins Award for Community Support)
Mr. Richardson (left) is shown here with presenter Frank Bush.

Dustin Moree
(Darlington County's Rising Young Artist)
Moree (right) is shown here with presenter, Dr. Graham Wood.

Sissy Carroll (Fowle Arts in Education Award)

Judi Elvington (Bush Leadership Award)

Anna Hill (Jacobs Award for Volunteerism)

Willard Jacobs
At the end of the awards presentation, it was announced that the pottery studio at the Black Creek Arts Center will now be called the Willard Jacobs Pottery Studio.

Photo Credits: Lisa Rock of the Darlington News & Press

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